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About Us
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About Us
A company of values, a story of industry leaders.
About Us
About Us
Our Approach
People and Culture
Corporate Responsibility
Our Team

Since 1994, The NRP Group has been driven by passion, committed to quality, and guided by integrity. Our company’s success story has been the work of a collaborative team of innovative experts and relentless problem solvers. Our mission is to leave the world better than we found it, by developing communities, creating opportunities, and building trust.

60% affordable and mixed income
26,900 affordable and 7,900 mixed income apartment homes developed (60% of total production)
#1 multifamily developer in the U.S.
that creates both affordable and market rate communities at scale

An award-winning company on a mission.

We appreciate all the awards, but our mission has never been about winning awards. It’s about making a difference in people’s lives. We collaborate with public and private partners to create high-quality places that people, regardless of income, are proud to call home.

#14 Top Multifamily Developer #10 Top Multifamily Builder
National Multifamily Housing Council Top 50 in U.S.
2022 Developer of the Year
National Association of Home Builders Pillars of the Industry
2020 Builder of the Year
National Association of Home Builders Pillars of the Industry Awards
Salado at Red Berry
San Antonio, TX
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What We Believe
Improving lives, creating opportunities, building trust.
Family of three walking out of their community
Our Mission
To create exceptional rental opportunities for individuals and families, regardless of income.
Our Vision
To be the best-in-class vertically integrated developer, owner, builder, and manager of multifamily housing. To grow our lead as the #1 multifamily developer in the U.S. that creates both affordable and market rate communities at scale.
Our Credo
We will be innovators. Our talented professionals will set the pace for our industry through their collective ambition to succeed where others may not. Our relentless approach to problem solving, honed by years of collaborating with the most sophisticated community and financial partners, will continue to create the highest-quality communities that improve the lives of the residents and enhance the neighborhoods in which they are located.
Family of three walking out of their community
Our Values
Guided by core values and committed to being part of the solution.

From day one, our leadership was focused on creating a team of A+ players and a culture in which our mission and shared values guided our decisions and actions. From integrity to teamwork, from high performance to respecting individuals, we have always been focused on a higher purpose and making the world a better place.

Core Values
High Performance
Open and Approachable
Respecting Individuals
Sense of Purpose
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Women's Inclusion Network
NRP Cares
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Our Leadership Team

Senior leaders who are engaged, in touch, and passionate.

Our senior leadership team is tenured, intensely collaborative, and extremely high performing. In addition to being recognized as a multi-year winner of Top Workplace in our Cleveland headquarters, we achieved special recognition for Clued-in Senior Management.

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Board of Directors who contribute top-tier support, expertise, and “what if” thinking.

Our Board of Directors includes key NRP company executives and an amazing group of outside members who are some of the top leaders in multifamily. Their support, guidance, resources, and vision have accelerated the success and trajectory of The NRP Group.

The NRP Group has shown themselves to be really great community citizens, and that they care about people.

Mike Gerber, President & CEO, Housing Authority, City of Austin, TX
Market Rate & Affordable Development
Expertise across the full range of multifamily.

The NRP Group began as a developer of affordable multifamily communities, quickly becoming a leader in the field. Since 2008, we have expanded our efforts to include market rate and moderate income housing. Now, as a leader in developing and funding both market rate and affordable housing, NRP is making a difference across the full range of mixed income multifamily communities.

$3.6 billion
in market rate dispositions since 2014
#18 Affordable Developer
Affordable Housing Finance Top 50
Property pool at night
NRP offices and active markets in the USA

Offices of opportunity.

The NRP Group has expanded rapidly from our home base in Cleveland, and now operates out of 15 regional offices around the country, with more on the way. We support our developers with industry-leading levels of project management and design and entitlement resources—an organizational innovation that allows our developers more time than anyone in the industry to pursue new deals to keep the pipeline full and expanding.

Active Markets
Target Expansion Market

I was able to take my business background and use the skills that I had learned, then take the passions that I have for repairing the world and really fuse those together in The NRP Group.

- J. David Heller, President & CEO, The NRP Group

David Heller

Discover why NRP is among the top places to work.

With a collaborative, high-performing, and fun corporate culture, The NRP Group is growing fast, and can offer the right candidates exciting opportunities to excel.

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Couple reviewing new lease
Couple reviewing new lease