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About Us
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Doing business the NRP way.
Our Approach
About Us
Our Approach
People and Culture
Corporate Responsibility
Our Team
The NRP Difference
Our business model is different by design.

Beyond our real estate development strategy, our entire business model is different by design. It has helped us meet commitments to our stakeholders while delivering results that make a difference in people’s lives. Through tight vertical integration, portfolio diversity, high-performing team members using best-in-class tools, and continuous learning and growth, NRP has become the premier partner for making big things happen.

Tight vertical integration means collaboration.

At every step of every NRP project, we collaborate across functional areas—development, construction, property management, and asset management, of course, but also marketing, finance, and legal. On our Investment Committee, each functional leader must physically sign their approval for a building project or housing development to go to the Executive Committee. This means that when a project enters the NRP pipeline, every person in the company knows their leader had a direct role in making it happen.

~100% of projects get funded and built
once approved by senior leadership
93%+ of projects hit pro forma objectives
San Antonio, TX
Strength and resilience through product diversity.

Through our scale and expertise in affordable, market rate, and mixed-income multifamily housing, we have become the preferred partner for nonprofits, housing authorities, hospitals, and a range of other partners. On even the most complex, nontraditional multifamily housing projects, we have the skills, creativity, and collaborative nature that bring visions to reality through all economic cycles.

#1 multifamily developer
in the U.S. that creates affordable & market rate communities at scale
Riverfront property view.
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A+ teams using A+ tools.

People make the difference at NRP. That’s why we seek out A+ players, and ensure they operate in a culture that nourishes their professional and personal growth, supported by our industry-leading tools and techniques. The NRP Construction team, for example, has deployed technology to achieve complete mobility, seamless communication, business process excellence, and automated job reporting. Our property management team applies people, process, and a host of leading technologies to accelerate pre-leasing for new construction.

Average 20%+ pre-leased

for new construction, through creative use of technology
and end-to-end collaboration

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A virtuous cycle of learning and growth.

The NRP Group has steadily grown by constantly learning. What we learn informs all our design and product-offering choices. We design every housing development in the context of its community’s character and we evolve unit designs to keep up with consumer preferences; we’re known for our impressive poolscapes and amenity packages. This same passion for learning makes us natural partners who know how to get big things done.

Double Digit

10-year compounded unit growth rate 2012-2022

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Innovation and collaboration come naturally for NRP.

Our ability to innovate, collaborate, and create is second nature, whether on our own projects or those of other companies. We work as a general contractor / builder for other developers and offer property management services to outside firms, carefully choosing partners who share our values and orientation. We have been successful in growing this part of our business largely by word of mouth.

Our Communities
Designed to make a difference.

Whether affordable or market rate or a mix, our communities are always thoughtfully designed, expertly constructed, and attentively managed homes.

Houston, TX
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Market Rate/Mixed Income
Apartment Homes
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