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Market Rate Development
Affordable Development
Market Rate Development
How NRP does market rate.

The NRP Group started as a multifamily affordable developer, and since 2008 has added market rate and moderate-income multifamily housing development to its portfolio. We have developed tens of thousands of market rate units in customized projects and have deployed billions of dollars in third-party capital over this time frame. We enjoy a reputation for creating market rate developments skillfully positioned to meet the needs of local residents and communities. We are also known for our placemaking flair, featuring beautiful unit, amenity, and site plan designs thoughtfully woven into their environment.

Developed 24,000 market rate
apartment homes
6,800 mixed-income
apartment homes
$4.8 billion
in market rate real estate investment
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Track record of growth and returns.

Through the efforts of our A+ players and our functional expertise over the entire project lifecycle—from underwriting and development to construction and management—combined with best-in-class systems and processes, NRP has achieved industry-leading results. Since 2014 we have disposed of over $3 billion of new-to-market NRP market rate developments, which have yielded very strong returns for our limited partners.

Premier partner in moderate and mixed income.

As municipalities seek to add affordable components to new market rate multifamily construction, NRP is uniquely positioned to enable the full range of moderate- and mixed-income opportunities. By designating a specified number of apartment homes at various percentages of AMI, housing authorities and developers can expand affordable housing in local markets and spur long-term economic development in underserved areas.

The NRP organization has a deep roster of highly talented professionals across all facets of the multifamily business. The team has an extensive underwriting process, strong market expertise, and the ability to execute at a high degree. They are, without a doubt, a preeminent organization in their business.

Scott Weir, Princpal, The Carlyle Group

Top-tier financial partners.

By delivering results and building trust over decades of business, we have developed a peerless group of financial partners. We continue to expand the breadth and depth of these important relationships.