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Bill Zunamon
Vice President of Development
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Bill Zunamon joined The NRP Group in 2024 as Vice President of Development.

In his role, he is responsible for the growth and leadership of NRP’s affordable housing development team in the Florida region. Zunamon works directly with nonprofit and public housing authority partners, local governments, housing agencies on local/state and federal levels and other third parties creating long lasting relationships of bringing the much-needed housing to the Florida market.

Prior to joining The NRP Group, Zunamon served as the Vice President of Development for McDowell Housing Partners (MHP), a Miami-based Workforce/Attainable housing firm. During his time at MHP, Zunamon was instrumental in securing State/Local financing and the origination of MHP’s fourteen Florida LIHTC developments which consist of over 2,000+ workforce/affordable housing units.

Zunamon earned a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate and Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin, where he was a member of the James A. Graaskamp Center’s Real Estate Program. He is a member of Florida’s Coalition of Attainable Housing Providers (CAHP) along with being a regular attendee of the multiple Florida municipalities attainable/workforce housing dedicated organizations. In his spare time, Zunamon enjoys being physically active in the Miami community along with traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures.

Bill Zunamon
Home Office


4200 W. Cypress St.

Ste 470

Tampa, FL 33607