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Kevin Loos
Managing Director of Capital Markets
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Kevin Loos joined NRP in 2010 and now serves as Managing Director of Capital Markets.

In this role, he is responsible for managing all capital relationships that finance NRP’s luxury, moderate-income and affordable housing properties. He also sits on the firm’s Investment Committee. Mr. Loos supervises NRP’s real estate underwriting function, which navigates projects through the firm’s intensive feasibility and investment committee, prior to securing capital. Finally, Mr. Loos manages the transactions of NaviStone Partners, a financial affiliate of NRP that invests in tax-exempt bonds and tax credits.

Through his responsibilities leading the underwriting since 2010, he has been vital to the facilitation to the development of over 40,000 apartments units and more than 250 closings. As part of his previous roles managing the affordable capital relationships, he has been instrumental for capitalizing $2.9 billion since 2015.

In his tenure with NRP, Loos has been promoted through a variety of titles since joining as an Investment Analyst. Through building relationships, evaluation of profitability and financial feasibility, he has played a fundamental role in the expansion of NRP’s growth in project volume.

Mr. Loos holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Management Information Systems from Ohio University and an MBA from Cleveland State University.

Kevin Loos
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1228 Euclid Avenue, 4th floor

Cleveland, OH 44115